lisa shenouda

UX designer | digital strategy


About Me

I’m a problem-solver, FUll-stack Designer, And innovator focused on human-centered design and building great products and experiences. 

With over 18 years of design experience, I’ve created designs and produced interactive projects for companies and organizations including Capital One, the World Bank, US Postal Service, US Forest Service, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and United Way Worldwide, as well as for small businesses and start-ups.

My specialties include taking an idea and following it through to a successful execution, UX & interaction design, design thinking, human-centered design, service design, branding & identity, web development, agile development, strategy, innovation, lean startup, and problem solving anything between the customer and IT integration.

In addition to great design and aesthetics, I highly value organization and efficiency in a workflow and in tools, and I aspire to deliver the same.

See some of my work samples below. It’s not everything, though it’s an overview of the last 12 years of my work.


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RGB Redux


UX & product designer, customer researcher, product manager 
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US Forest Service

Washington, DC

human-centered designer, researcher, service designer
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Capital One Investing

McLean, VA

UX designer, user research, service design, wireframing, ideation
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Capital One

McLean, VA

UX designer, researcher, service design, visual designer
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USPS Business Customer Gateway

Washington, DC

UX designer, web design, wireframing, front-end development
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USPS gopost

Washington, DC

UX designer, visual design, wireframing, front-end development
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World Bank Results app

Washington, DC

UX designer, wireframing,  information architecture
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the Annual Report 20210 homepage in 7 languages

World Bank Interactive Annual Report

Washington, DC

web designer and producer, front-end development, art direction, information architecture
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Experience creating end-to-end flows of wireframes in an agile environment, ensuring that user needs are being addressed and ensuring that the flow makes sense for all the business and development stakeholders.

Tools: Balsamiq, Moqups, Figma, Sketch

Service Design Blueprinting

Experience taking an integrative view of all touchpoints and systems for a large company and seaming it together for teams and stakeholders to utilize and make decisions from.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Miro, interviews


Conducted and participated in various ideation sessions alongside methods of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design

Tools: stickies, drawing, paper, pencil, dot voting


Product Design

Experience designing for responsive web applications to work gracefully on desktop, tablets, and smart phones.

Tools: Sketch, Figma, Invision, Flinto

Journey Mapping

Conducted empathy interviews and other customer research that resulted in creating visual depictions to show how customers felt about some processes or activities.

Tools: stickies, drawing, paper, pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Miro


Information Architecture

Vast experience improving on existing information architecture (IA) and with creating new ones for large web projects in NGOs, corporations, and US government.

Tools: Moqups, Visio, Sketch

Print & Web Design

Created various print-ready designs using brand style guides.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop

Contact me

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.