USPS Business Customer Gateway

Washington, DC; 2012-2014

YEARS: 2012-2013

PROJECT: To redesign the existing USPS Business Customer Gateway (BCG) interface to make the application more usable, intuitive, and customized for different user-types. This updated application also needed a new streamlined signup process in addition to a more refined method to add new locations to an existing business.

UX/UI designer, front-end developer at Optimo-IT

PRODUCTION LINK: [same design since 2013]


  • Maintaining USPS branding while diverging slightly from the® site just enough not to complicate the user-experience when a user goes between the internal sites.

  • Customizing the user-experience for the different user types, so that novice users aren’t overwhelmed and that experienced users have the controls and options they need to perform their tasks most efficiently.

  • Working as a front-end developer with a development team in a different location — we used MeetingPlace screen sharing often.

  • The BCG application tags the users along with their company profile: Single User-Single Location (SS), Single User-Multiple Locations (SM), Multiple User-Single Location (MS), or Multiple User-Multiple Locations (MM). The biggest challenge was to consider and convey that some of the MM users weren’t necessarily more sophisticated than the SS users, and we used clear personas to help develop that idea and ensure that we covered the largest percentage of users.

Wireframes – Balsamiq

Website – HTML / CSS



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