World Bank Results app

Washington, DC; 2011




To create a World Bank Results app that integrated most World Bank project stories and data from various sources into one easy-to-use iPhone application.


Member of product owner team: designer and producer of original wireframes & mockups, photo and image researcher, content migration strategist, QA and usability tester

The Challenges

Project results were distributed among many differently formatted websites so conveying the data and content to the app developers was very extensive and challenging. The challenge was mostly overcome with careful content migration to an advanced Excel spreadsheet — a process which I helped design.

RGB Redux

innovator & full-stack designer

US Forest Service

Human-centered design with permitting process and other modernization initiatives; 2018-2020

Capital One Investing

user research & service design, 2015-2016

Capital One Bank

UX & service designer, 2014-2015

World Bank Results app

UX and product team, 2011

USPS gopost

UX designer & front-end developer, 2011

USPS Business Customer Gateway

UX designer & front-end developer, 2011-2014