World Bank Interactive Annual Report

Washington, DC; 2010




To produce the World Bank Annual Report 2010 website, the first of its kind for the World Bank Office of the Publisher. Available in 6 multilingual versions, complete with multimedia videos and slideshows and more extensive than the printed version. (hear more about it in the audio link below)


Web producer, UX/UI designer, front-end developer


  • Integrating and producing all the 6 multilingual versions, including captioned videos and slideshows, in a timely manner

  • Using a CMS that was outdated and defined the core look & feel of the website design (header, navigation)

  • Ensuring that the videos and slideshows played with mp4 fallback to work on iPhones and iPads

  • Maintaining compliance with various World Bank departments — security, branding, corporate communications, etc.


  • Embedded video for iOS mobile integration 
  • Integrated QR codes into each printed version to take the user to the respective language link

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