Capital One Investing

McLean, VA; 2015-2017




Capital One Investing – Financial Advisors’ tools


Product designer, Experience designer, Visual designer, User research


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Salesforce, HTML/CSS, Sharpie & sticky notes


To understand the tasks and needs of the Financial Advisors and their customer base in order to serve both parties with better tools and services to help garner a stronger relationship with Capital One Investing brand.

The Challenge

Research with Financial Advisors

We talked to Capital One Financial Advisors to understand how they spent their day, what were barriers for them, and what helped them serve their clients best. This is the overview of what we learned.

Customer research

We conducted empathy interviews with high-net worth customer-base who we called ‘Delegators’ from personas that existed before I started working on the team.

Value Proposition canvas: Pains + Gains


Value Proposition Canvas

From our conversations with the Financial advisors, we were able to create a visual pains and gains canvas.

Pains & Gains Categories

We grouped the pains into different categories.

Resulting Tools & Projects

  • iPads for Financial Advisors – designed and implemented internal and external branding on public facing iPads to be used in the branch

  • Financial aggregator for Financial Advisors and Customers – researched, prototyped, and branded from existing vendor platform

  • Appointment Scheduling – coordinated with BookingBug and improved upon their existing UX/UI with better flow, more customized features, and correct branding

  • Salesforce improvements – designed some new features and forms with sketch and Salesforce Lightning

  • Docusign – implemented Docusign for customers