Capital One

McLean, VA; 2014-2015




Overdraft + Funds Forecast + P2P 


UX Designer, product designer, customer researcher


Sketch, Balsamiq, Axure, Invision, Flinto, Illustrator, Photoshop



Overdraft discovery and problem-solving within Capital One


Every month, bank customers were overdrafting their bank accounts and left with sub-par solutions to make a bridge till next payments— payday loans, borrowing money from family, etc. Capital One Bank was exploring how they could help customers “mind the gap” the most effective way without losing money while keeping customers aware and able to mend their situations.


UX and product designer, customer researcher


stickies, pen & paper, index cards, voting stickers, Sketch, Invision, Flinto, Illustrator, Photoshop


Discovery > Ideation > Prototyping > Testing

Our product team chose to tackle this problem using Design Thinking methodology, and I was the sole designer on this team among product managers, product owners, and SMEs.

To understand how to design for a better experience when customers run out of money, we talked to more than 35 people and discovered how most feel about overdraft. During our in-depth empathy interviews, we used methods such as card sorting. Then as a team, we did extensive ideation to come up with various solutions.  

Over the course of 4 months, we created storyboards, prototyped and tested prototypes. To note, we kept our prototypes low-fidelity for this project so that the customers base could react to the core idea, not necessarily the designed product. 

Then we learned about Service Design from our colleagues at Adaptive Path and learned how to see the big picture for opportunity. From there, I created a user flow, prototyped a few ideas, and tested them with our customer base and with stakeholders. One of the ideas was a fuel gauge, which was before many applications utilized the visual metaphor. I did a comparative analysis on gauges vs sliders for our team as well and how it matched customers mental models when it came to addressing their bank funds.


The final output of our research and testing was implemented in several places and resulted in a policy update that was rolled out to customers in 2017: Next Day Grace Period for Overdraft.

I had already moved to a new product team when the new overdraft policy launched, so I wasn’t able to hear the collective feedback from the customer base, although I know the solution was very popular. 

See Capital One’s current Overdraft Options


I was able to gain a great depth of understanding into all aspects of overdraft — from the customer standpoint as well as from the banking standpoint and how the current systems worked. Also, this was my first extensive user research and design thinking project, and I was able to apply the methodology to other projects down the road. Also, then went on to other projects within Capital One where I could lend my overdraft knowledge including Capital One 360 Funds Forecast— for anticipating future account balances based on recurring transactions— and an iOS project for pre-authenticated account views.

Mobile Prototypes

App: moochie
Year: 2015
Role:  Product owner, designer
Status: prototype only

Moochie is an app for calculating what you didn’t spend. Most useful for work environments where lunch and free meals are often provided.

I came up with this idea when I wanted to know how much I was saving each month by not paying for lunch or snacks. The concept is to gather as much data about freebies and weigh that against what a person usually spends, on average, to create an overall picture of “savings” that a person can then pay forward to actual savings or donate to a good cause. An added benefit of this app would be for HR to gather location and team data for recruiting and potential employees.

I talked to other colleagues, created user stories, and built an end-to-end V1 application clickthrough. Sadly, I was put on another project before I could build this app from its mockup concept stage.

App: Capital One Glance – concept design only
Year: 2015
Role: Product designer
Status: prototype only

A product manager of the enterprise team at Capital One asked me if I could help design solutions for the pre-authenticated state of the Capital One iPhone app. So I designed this possible solution so a customer could see their various account  statuses before authenticating into the application.


US Forest Service

Human-centered design with permitting process and other modernization initiatives; 2018-2020

Capital One Investing

user research & service design, 2015-2016

Capital One Bank

UX & service designer, 2014-2015

USPS gopost

UX designer & front-end developer, 2011

USPS Business Customer Gateway

UX designer & front-end developer, 2011-2014

World Bank Results app

UX and product team, 2011

World Bank Interactive Online Annual Report

web producer, designer and front-end developer, 2010